Escape-Rooms/ Puzzle Adventure

On site, we can play 2-6 people per room.

In the online version, more would be possible, but we recommend to participate with a maximum of 6 devices.

We recommend a minimum age of 14, but in mixed age groups younger children are often an asset. Children at the age of 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or bring a consent form.

You will be given a brief introduction at the beginning and then escorted into the room. There you should take a good look around and examine everything. Don’t worry, you can touch, turn over, etc. everything except for a few small exceptions (these items are clearly marked). You will find many items that give you clues, some need to be combined, some directly reveal a code. You will also find items that only reveal their purpose in the course of the game, but some may just be decoration. It is important that you exchange ideas again and again, together you often come to the right solution better. Many puzzles can be worked in parallel, but in the end everything leads to one goal.

If you ever get stuck, you can always get hints. Our goal is that each group could solve all the puzzles in the end. Based on group size and composition, some may not need a clue at all, while others may need a few more.

Video cameras with microphone and speaker are installed in the room, so that the game leader can follow your game progress and give a hint if necessary.