Escape-Rooms/ Puzzle Adventure

Our team

First of all, the founders are us, Susanne and Matthias, who started KeyTown out of a crazy idea. Actually, we were just enthusiastic players who discovered this hobby for themselves in 2015.

But then in 2017 we received a request to create an Escape Room on this theme for the 2018 anniversary year to mark the 200th anniversary of the Church Union. No sooner said than done. By Easter, the concept was ready and the first puzzles were already built, but then we reached our limit with our drive for perfection. In a “normal” community hall, such a historical concept cannot be implemented in a stylish way. So a little more effort had to be made and the whole room had to be built for it.

So that meant: founding a company, looking for and building business premises, tinkering, researching, discussing …. and open in March 2018.

Another room has been added, meanwhile we also offer an online version of our rooms, in addition we have developed a mobile puzzle table that can be borrowed and guarantees an intensive puzzle evening at home. Currently in the planning stages are a small online game and an outdoor tour.

Then, since 2019, our team has grown by a few employees.

always keeps her cool, even when things get crazy. May attend all children’s birthday parties. 😉

goes completely in his divine game leader role. Is therefore also addressed only as “God”. And is sometimes an even bigger smartass than Alex, our artificial intelligence.

Supervises our English online games and is sometimes on the road with his skateboard.

Those who know him, love him. If you don’t know him yet, you need to book an appointment as soon as possible to meet him.

Our Artificial Intelligence, as I said before, a real smartass, but still very popular with our players.